Dear Clients,

Carriers have started to advertise the first GRI post Chinese New Year.

In meeting with shipping lines, market information is that the major retailers (Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and Wesfarmers) are all reporting strong import volume and increases on 2023 levels.

This will build confidence of the shipping lines that 2024 will be stronger than 2023.

2023 freight rates had a slow climb until late in the year, a little unseasonal almost. 2024 freight rates are not looking to decrease to the same levels as 2023 and may be a higher average for a longer period.

This first GRI is advertised by multiple carriers at

15th APRIL USD300 - 300 per 20'
USD600 - 600 per 40'

No notice has been received as yet for S.E.Asia, its possible that rates may increase.

As always, Transways will only be adjusting your pricing should the carriers apply the increases.

If you would like to discuss the current market conditions further, please reach out to your Transways Key contact.

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