ICS2 (Import Control System 2) New requirements effective 3/6/24 for ENS (Entry Summary Declaration) filings for EU.

Dear Clients,

Please see below new information for shipments to Europe effective 3/6/2024.

As the exporter/shipper you must provide timely & accurate information so we can file ENS on time.

If the below information is not provided on time, goods will be stopped & delayed at the EU Customs borders. Goods will not be cleared. Declarations will be rejected or subject to intervention, possible sanctions and additional costs for storage, detention or likewise.

  • Short haul flights – No later than the actual time of departure of the aircraft.
  • Long haul flights – No later than four hours before arrival at the first airport in the customs territory of the Union.
  • Sea containerized cargo shipping – At the latest 24 hours before the goods are loaded at the port of departure.
We must provide the below information to the airline or shipping company.

Mandatory info required below.
  • A complete and accurate commercial description of the cargo.
  • 6 digit commodity code (Harmonized System Code – HS CODE).
  • Additional details of parties involved (for instance, seller, buyer, the lowest bill of lading level, consignee, consignor.
  • The buyer / importers EORI number (Economic Operators Registration and Identification). For each party in EUROPE that is involved in the transaction. It’s the exporters responsibility to have this information and supply it to Transways when requested.
Kind regards,
Transways Logistics International Pty Ltd
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