Dear Clients,


Want to see the history of the price increases applied by DP WORLD around AUSTRALIA over the past several years. Check out the below table. The table has been supplied by "Freight and Trade Alliance (FTA) Pty Ltd". Whom are an industry body taking the fight and challenging both state and federal government to put a stop to these escalating costs.

As you will see, Fremantle has been steady. This can only be attributed to the fact the port is still government owned. All other ports are privatised and are being hammered with price increases.

It's recommended that you contact your local government representatives or industry body and share this information and push for legislative changes to be introduced, to put a stop to unnecessary excessive price increases, all whist performance deteriorates and strike action continues.

Let's not forget where Australia ranks on world port performance, in 2021 Brisbane was the highest ranked port in Australia at 288 out of 370 global ports...

Like most Australians in business, we are happy to pay for something as long as the service and output match. This is certainly not the case here.

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