Dear Clients,

Are you aware that DP WORLD (Terminals) Australia wide will be impacted by back to back 24hr “STOPPAGES” on TUE 5th and WED 6th DEC this week?

This 48hr stoppage right at the critical time of year is going to have a significant impact on the movement of cargo.

There is no doubt that the MUA is trying to cause disruption to aid them in the ongoing negotiations they are having with DP WORLD.

Please expect delays in deliveries, weekend surcharges, back to yard charges and potentially container detention charges. Trucking companies are really feeling the impact and to make matters worse, to date, shipping lines are not providing any leniency on container detention which is very disappointing.

If you have cargo calling one of the other terminals, please do not assume you will not be impacted... We have seen a shortage of slots available at Patrick Terminals around the country due to the increase in the volume of containers being handled at their terminals. Also this week, Patrick Melbourne Terminal has rolled out a new booking system. You must question the timing of this, as they are already having teething issues with the new system which is causing frustration for truckers and terminal users.

Let's not forget the impact the strike action is having on shipping schedules. We are seeing some transhipment delays of 3 - 4 weeks for cargo via Singapore along with vessel bunching in China where there may be no vessel sailing for 10 - 14 days but then there are 2 vessels sailing within in 2-3 days.

As you can see the impact of these strikes are wide ranging.

Therefore ask once again for your patience and understanding. Our team are not the cause of the delays, they are simply passing over information and updating you or your team. Please be respectful and if you need to let off some steam, please contact your local Federal Member of Parliament. Your frustration needs to be channelled in the correct manner.

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