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Dear Clients,

Further to our ongoing communication regarding the implementation (without formal notice) of congestion surcharges to containers arriving SYDNEY, it seems that other carriers are jumping on the band wagon. Our concern at Transways is this may become an industry wide fee, applied by majority of carriers before too long.

The current situation @ COB MON 14th SEPT.

  • MSC – Applying USD300 per 20’ / USD600 per 40’ effective for any cargo arriving MON 14th SEPT onwards

  • ANL – Applying USD285 per 20’ / USD570 per 40’ effective for any cargo arriving THU 17th SEPT onwards

  • PIL – Applying USD300 per 20’ / USD600 per 40’ effective for any cargo arriving THU 1st OCT onwards

ONE have not implemented a "congestion surcharge" as such, however they did withdraw pricing with validity until 30th SEPT 2020 and will be applying USD225 per 20’ / USD450 per 40’ "INCREASE" effective for any cargo departing origins bound for SYD from 15th SEPT onwards.

Further to ONE updating pricing, late on MON, ONE also notified market they will be charging a "TRANSPORT ADDITIONAL SURCHARGE" (TAD) @ USD326 per 20’ / USD650 per 40’ on containers that are destined for SYDNEY on the AU1 service, as they will bypass SYDNEY port and instead discharge MELBOURNE. They will then move the cargo to SYDNEY (we assume via rail, but its not confirmed) at a cost to the cargo owner.

The vessels / voyages impacted are;

  1. Northern Jaguar v 033S
  2. Maersk Surabaya V 034S
  3. Seroja Enam V 037S
  4. CMA CGM Loire V 039S

As with your business, Transways Logistics International has not been immune to difficult trading conditions in 2020 caused by COVID-19. Therefore the decision has been made, that all congestion surcharges will need to be paid on a COD basis, to ensure that the high level of service and efficiency that Transways Logistics International prides itself on and wishes to uphold over the coming months.

It’s at this time, that I must make you aware that simply refusing to pay the shipping line these fee’s, is not a viable solution. Should you wish to refuse to pay this fee or instruct Transways not to pay the fee to the shipping line, the ELECTRONIC DELIVERY ORDER required to pick up your cargo will be withheld by the shipping line. This will then likely trigger wharf storage and potential container detention charges.

We understand that this fee will add further stress onto your business, but Transways has been left with no choice but to pass over these costs.

As always, we strongly encourage you to raise this matter with your industry bodies or local / state or federal government’s.

Kind regards,

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager

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