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Dear Clients

RE: Dumping Duty (including Countervailing Duty)

Transways Logistics International, wishes to bring your attention to the matter of "DUMPING DUTIES" (including countervailing duty).

Over the past several months, as an organisation, we have seen an increase in the number of importers be affected by "DUMPING DUTIES". In past years, products affected by dumping duties were very limited. But with an increased focus by Australian Boarder Force in conjunction with the Anti-Dumping Commission, more and more importers are facing significant dumping duty fees.


As per the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission, Dumping occurs when an exporter sells goods to Australia at a price that is below the "normal value" of the goods. The "normal value" will usually be the domestic price of the goods in the country of export.

Dumping goods is not prohibited or is it illegal under international trade agreements. However when "MATERIAL INJURY" is caused to manufactures / growers in Australia, "DUMPING DUTIES" may come into play.

It must be noted that, "DUMPING DUTIES" are separate from standard "DUTY". So although you may have access to "FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS" with preferential duty rates. DUMPING DUTIES can still be applicable and will not be avoidable, should your goods fall into DUMPING CLASSIFICATIONS.

Importers that need to be most wary, are importers of products which are still being manufactured or farmed (grown) in Australia. Below are some of the items currently affected by Dumping Duties?

1. Steel Pipes

2. Aluminium Road Wheels

3. Steel

4. Clear Float Glass

5. Aluminium extrusions

6. PVC Flat Electrical Cable

7. Steel Grinding Balls

8. Wind Towers

9. Pallet Racking

10. A4 Copy paper

11. Tomatoes

12. Pineapple

For further information on Dumping investigations / outcomes you can go to . You can register and set yourself up for alerts based around your products.

We further recommend that all importers, reach out to your local Transways Logistics International office and request DUTY / DUMPING information prior to ordering and shipping any new products.

When requesting information from Transways, please ensure to share as much information as possible to commence with. Information such as;


Proforma Invoice

Country of Manufacture

Supplier Name

You may ask why the supplier name? Dumping investigations give the opportunity to suppliers to be part of the investigation and parties that do, are normally awarded with a lower DUMPING RATE, compared to companies who don't. In some cases we have seen a difference of over 100% between a company that participated in the investigation and one that did not.

Finally we wish to confirm that all "DUMPING DUTIES" (including countervailing) will need to be paid in full on a COD basis (as per DUTY & GST) to Australian Boarder Force prior to the release / delivery of the shipment. Please note that under NO circumstances will Transways Logistics International be outlaying any funds on behalf of importers for any "Dumping duties" or related payments. Dumping duties can run into the tens of thousands of dollars (or more), so importers need to take the appropriate action in understanding if their goods are exposed to Dumping measures.

If you would like to discuss further, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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