Freight Forwarder Brisbane

We go beyond being a standard freight forwarder. Our dedicated team in Brisbane combines their expertise with advanced technology to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of your cargo. As your trusted freight forwarders in Brisbane, we handle local and international shipments, including complex logistics. Our commitment to excellence has fostered strong client relationships worldwide.

Freight Forwarding Brisbane

Air, Road, Sea Freight & Project Logistics

Transways Logistics International is a freight forwarding company that is a leader in the industry. We can handle all types of freight, project logistics and customs clearance in Brisbane and Australia.

We are an Australian owned company with more than 40 years of experience. We have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Fremantle / Perth in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand. In addition, we service Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Townsville and all locations Australia wide, as well as throughout New Zealand. Our clients throughout Australia and New Zealand have been assisted by us with any additional services they require, including customs clearance, project management and logistics, courier services, and warehousing. Utilising different companies can be time consuming and leave more room for error and miscommunication, so why not use a company that can keep everything in house? We can ensure peace of mind and coordination of services.


Sea Freight and Container Services

Sea freight and Container freight can be costly means of transporting cargo. Risks such as delays and extra costs can occur, and we advise you to speak with an industry specialist before you take measures to transport your goods. You must select the most suitable freight forwarder capable of securing the best costs and rates, scheduling, and transit times on the market. At Transways Logistics International, our Brisbane team can inform you of the best way to secure cost effective and timely sea freight services. 

FOB or Free On Board is a frequently used means of import and export. It is important to understand the risks associated with FOB, as it can be quite complicated, and it’s your responsibility as a purchaser to be aware of these complications. Instead of taking the risk on your own, you have a simple solution in front of you – speak to one of our professional team members. 

We offer FCL and LCL (Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load), 20’ or 40’ container shipping, Mafi Shipments or Ro-Ro, and Break Bulk for larger pieces and project pieces.

Domestic and International Courier Services

Different shipment methods are better suited for different cargo, as you can tailor the cost and timing better to your own needs. Freight shipment is better for larger amounts of cargo, but courier is more suitable for smaller packages and parcels. Even though you may not require consistent shipments, we understand that organising a one-off courier service can be very costly. At Transways Logistics International Brisbane, we have proven to provide a smooth and efficient services, whether for domestic or international shipments. The products we have transported are not limited to samples, e-commerce, and spare parts, and we can provide express or standard shipment. 

Along with this service, our Brisbane clients will have access to our system, where they can print labels, book jobs directly, and view your consignment notes. You can also view and select pricing, all from the comfort of your home or office at any time of day or night.

Air Freight Forwarding

Do you seek a fast and effective way to transport your freight? Air freight forwarding will be the solution for you. While Air Freight Forwarding and be costly, it is a quick and efficient way to transport your cargo. Most companies may pay a premium for express delivery. We can ensure the movement of your cargo is well planned to ensure smooth transportation and minimise the chance of delays. Our team at Transways Logistics International Brisbane can secure safe and timely passage of your goods and additional services such as import and export, per kilogram rates, consolidation, non-direct routings, and charter. 

In addition to offering many services to complement your shipment, our International Air Transport Accreditation status grants us many competitive advantages over other freight forwarders. This includes access to exclusive rates more suitable for your cargo, and our team member’s training being up to date on the latest requirements for security and aviation. With our team’s extensive knowledge of battery shipments and dangerous goods shipments, there aren’t many situations we can’t advise. 

With the best rates, we can transport your shipment to and from Brisbane or anywhere worldwide.

Road Freight Services

Any road freight service can transport goods of any shape, weight, type, and size, however, it takes industry knowledge and connections to keep costs low and within a specified time frame. Seeking assistance from freight forwarders that has many years of industry experience is the best course of action. Transways Logistics International is a highly knowledgeable freight forwarding company that prides itself on timely deliveries with low rates. The main service we offer is freight forwarding, whether road, air, or sea freight, and we also offer additional services to complement your transportation, such as container unpack, oversized project cargo, high priority deliveries, and trailer transportation. 

We are proud to provide a service exceeding your expectations on priority and safety, and our services are available to all locations in Brisbane, Australia and New Zealand. Our partners in the road freight industry include Tautliners, Low Loaders, B Double, Dolly Trailers, Rigid Trucks, and Extendable Floats. Contact our team for a quote.

Project Logistic Services

A lot of companies run on complicated logistics systems to be efficient. Several tasks need to be completed on a daily basis, such as route planning, inventory systems, site modelling, OH&S, feasibility studies, and warehousing. Our team in Brisbane are happy to help find you a solution. 

Larger clients will require professional project logistics services, and their best solution is an agent who is capable, organised, and highly experienced in the industry. At Transways Logistics International, we have secured notable results in all areas of project logistics, such as oversized freight, warehousing transport, and building projects. We can give you and your client the exceptional service you seek.

Our company structure and size allows up more agility than competitors, meaning you will have the attention of any team member, including senior managers, and receive the highest standard of service and priority.

Customs Brokerage

Our company offers a full range of customs brokerage services to complement our freight services, meaning you only deal with the one company, should you wish. This allows you to improve admin efficiencies and lets you run your business. You can read more on our Customs Brokerage page.


Our Services

Air freight

Transways Logistics International can fly your goods worldwide with our network of aviation operators.

Sea freight

We have extensive sea and cargo freight knowledge and experience of carriers and routes to achieve the right solutions.

Road Freight

Road freight delivery of your cargo that is cost effective, smooth and hassle free as possible.

Freight Forwarder

We can help you decide the best Freight Forwarding Service for your budget and deadlines.

Project Logistics

We can manage all aspects of your project, irrespective of the origin, destination, size or weight of the cargo.

Customs Brokerage

Our customs brokerage division handles all import and export shipments arriving to and leaving from Australia.

International Courier

Transways can expedite your international cargo providing a fast conveyance, and a traceable and economically viable service.

Domestic Courier

We can ship your document and non-document’s domestically, providing businesses with the fastest conveyance, traceable, and economically viable.