Customs Brokers Adelaide

Transways Logistics International are experienced customs brokers in Adelaide. We can assist with customs clearance and tariff applications for import and export shipments arriving at and leaving Australia. The countless regulations and country-specific rules can be quite bewildering. But don’t worry, our expert team in Adelaide is here to help you out.

Customs Clearance Adelaide

At Transways Logistics International, our in house customs brokers in Adelaide are highly knowledgeable in customs regulations and up to date with the latest training. We keep in consideration that the transportation of your cargo needs to be economical and timely, among other requirements your business may have. This is where our knowledge and understanding of customs regulations in Adelaide, quarantine, tariff concessions and applications, and free trade agreements can best assist you. 

Importing goods into Australia and New Zealand can be complex, as you will be subject to strict customs and quarantine regulations. Our customs clearance agents verify the information you are given is correct and that all biosecurity requirements are met and rates correctly assessed. We are corporate customs license holders, which our highly experienced customs brokers team in Adelaide upholds by managing all types of customs situations. 

Our customs clearance brokers are consistently aware of any legislative changes that may affect your goods being imported. Our brokers’ assistance is not limited, and we can advise you on various services such as tariff concession applications, customs audits, and general customs duty advice.

Adelaide Customs Clearance

Transways provides customs clearance and tariff concessions in Adelaide and Australia to anywhere in the world. We regularly work with Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth customers.

We are members of the leading industry logistics bodies, such as the CBFCA and FTA in Australia and the CBAFF in New Zealand. Our experienced in house customs clearance agents are up to date with the most recent training and regulations and are ready to assist you with your customs clearance.

Customs Services

Our talented and knowledgeable customs team can assist your business in the following areas: 

  • Customs Duty Audits
  • Import licensing
  • GST deferral
  • Exit (Export) Entries
  • Export Development Grants
  • Treatment requirements (fumigation)
  • Review of Customs Legislative changes
  • Phytosanitary & Quarantine Documentation
  • Customs Valuation
  • Trusted Trader
  • Anti-Dumping Procedures
  • Bonded Warehouse Solutions.
  • Documentary Drawback Scheme
  • Landed Cost Reports

Why use our customs clearance services?

Being up to date with recent developments is critical in the logistics industry, as regulations for import and export are constantly changing. It is highly important that you seek a licenced customs broker with lots of experience in the freight and logistics industry. Prior to import and export, there are many requirements that you must satisfy, such as customs and quarantine legislation requirements and import/export regulations and tariffs. 

Are you unsure about the best way to find the right customs clearance broker? Ask these three questions to find out if you are selecting the right company for your customs clearance needs. 

  1. Do they have the correct skill set, expertise, and software/systems to service your freight and customs clearance needs?
  2. Can the pricing be justified for the service they are providing?
  3. Will they consider a company that is a small business?

At Transways Logistics International we are proud to ensure businesses in Melbourne that the minimum legal requirements are met for your cargo shipment, which will help remove pressure from your business. We understand that transporting goods to and from different countries and states comes with some risks, and we are pleased to offer you exceptional service and peace of mind that your goods will not be delayed. 

You and your shipments are our priority, and we guarantee that you have access to any and all personnel, staff and managers from our company. 

Tariff Concessions

Leaving your shipments in the hands of a customs broker you can trust is crucial. There are many customs regulations that can be miscalculated or overlooked, the severity of which can range from overpaying tax to severe penalties on the business. It is critical that Goods and Services Tax is calculated accurately when importing commercial goods and receiving tariff concessions unless Free Trade Agreements are inapplicable. 

Our customs management team in Adelaide is accomplished in various aspects of customs clearance services, including clearing restricted items, hazardous materials, vehicles, and food projects. Speak with a member of our customs team at Transways Logistics International to learn more about the ways our customs brokerage division can help you.

Import and Export Shipments

Our customs brokerage team oversees all import and export shipments departing from and arriving in Adelaide and Australia. All communication and transfer of information with quarantine, customs, and other involved associations is carried out electronically. We utilise industry leading IT software, which guarantees your shipment will be cleared on time, no matter whether you are transporting by sea, air, or road freight or what type of cargo you are transporting.

Customs Brokerage

Our company offers a full range of customs brokerage services to complement our freight services, meaning you only deal with the one company, should you wish. This allows you to improve admin efficiencies and lets you run your business. You can read more on our Customs Brokerage page.


Our Freight Services

Air freight

Transways Logistics International can fly your goods worldwide with our network of aviation operators.