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Auckland Customs Agent, Air, Road, Sea Freight & Project Logistics

If you are looking for a quality company to handle your customs clearance, project logistics, road freight, warehousing, air freight or sea freight to and from Auckland, N.Z., then Transways Logistics International are the right choice.

We are an Australian owned company with an office in Auckland, enabling us to provide services in all parts of New Zealand as well as Brisbane Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle and can service all locations Australia wide. For companies that have either an Australian or New Zealand wide presence that regularly import or export products and/or require co-ordinated freight, courier, warehousing, transport, project logistics and customs clearance services and want to deal with one central point of contact, then our company will provide the most convenient, reliable, and co-ordinated offering in the Australian and New Zealand market. 

Transways Logistics International Auckland

PO Box 64392, Botany, Auckland, New Zealand 2163

+64 9 257 1148

Auckland Customs Clearance Broker & Agent

Moving freight from Auckland or to Auckland, requires knowledge and experience in a variety of areas that are impacted by varying regulations as it pertains to taxation, import / export regulations, tariffs, and specific customs and quarantine legislation.  Each item you import, or export,  can have a different set of requirements, so it’s vital that you engage an experienced and licensed customs broker, which Transways is.

Transways holds a current Corporate Customs License and has in-house customs brokers ready to handle your shipments, both in Australia and New Zealand.  We are members of the CBFCA and FTA in Australia and the CBAFF in New Zealand, all industry leading bodies in the logistics sector.

Using Transways to handle your customs clearance requirements will ensure that you are meeting your minimal legal requirements as an Importer or Exporter.

This will take the stress out of your shipments, which will lead to an avoidance of costly delays or potential fines under the customs act.  Importing / Exporting goods comes with considerable risk. Our ability to provide customs clearance services will allow your import or export business to thrive.

The 3 main questions you need to ask before deciding on a company are:-

  1. Do they have the skills, experience, and systems to handle your Freight and Customs clearances?
  2. Do they charge a fair price for the service level offered to handle these transactions?
  3. Is your business large enough for your customs broker to care about.

On these 3 questions Transways represents professional competence and well-priced services, across our Australian and New Zealand offices, with industry leading procedures and well trained and experienced staff.  We are not a large tier 1 multinational company, so irrespective of the size of your business, you will be treated as if you are our most important account, giving you access to all key managers and personnel in our business, when needed.

Auckland Domestic and International Courier Services

A large amount of freight is sent via container ships, or international (commercial) air freight. Courier shipments play a significant role in moving smaller, in demand goods in a fast, prompt and cost-effective manner.  Samples, ecommerce, warranty, and spare part items are just some of the varying goods moved via courier services on a daily basis.

Your business may not require a courier service regularly, but when it does, the major players are expensive and difficult to deal with.  So, trust Transways Express Courier Services, for your next International or Domestic courier parcel move and you will be surprised at the ease and cost effectiveness of the service.

We have great options via AIR and ROAD, both Express and Standard transit times.

And if you like, we can give you online access, so that you can obtain a price 24hrs a day, 7 days a week; and even book your jobs directly, enabling you to print labels and consignment notes in house.

Auckland Air Freight Services (To and From Auckland)

Transways, provide global solutions for import and export International (commercial) air freight, consolidation services, charter, direct or non-direct routings or just per Kilogram rates.  These are all areas where we excel.  Airfreight is expensive and we understand you are paying a premium to move your goods promptly, we therefore have a dedicated air team that ensures all shipments are expedited and any problems are flagged in advance, enabling a smooth and prompt transaction.

With our global network of partners, we can move your cargo to or from any where in the world via air transport.

Auckland Road Freight Services (To and From Auckland)

Often the most critical part of any import or export job is the delivery.  Transways has identified several key market leaders in trucking to partner with, enabling us to have the confidence in ensuring the safe and time efficient delivery or your goods.  Whether that be Airfreight deliveries (express or non-express), LCL (LOOSE), FCL Sideloader or General (SKEL) Trailer deliveries, Container unpacks, unpack and warehousing, export packing, time sensitive hot shots or bulky oversized project cargo, we can handle it all.

Cargo of any size, shape or weight is movable, it’s about having the experience and knowledge to find the solution.  This takes time, but it’s time we are willing to invest for you.

Our services are not just for metropolitan deliveries. We cover all of  New Zealand and Australia via our vast network of partners including Tautliners, B Double, Dolly trailers, Low Loaders, Extendable floats, Rigid trucks, and the list goes on.  We can match your cargo to the right equipment with minimal fuss, whilst providing a cost-effective price with outstanding service and communication.

We specifically want your road freight from Auckland and to Auckland, to meet expectations each and every time and arrive promptly and safely. We are happy to discuss any size freight, from small to large loads, one off moves or regular ongoing basis. One of our knowledgeable staff members would be happy to assess your needs and provide a quotation whether from Auckland or anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand, using our trusted network.

Auckland Sea Freight and Container Services

The cost of Import or Export Sea Freight can vary vastly from Auckland to anywhere in the world and from anywhere in the world to Auckland. Without experts guiding you, not only on costs but transit times, available schedules, and routings, you could find the cost and delays escalating out of control, costing you dearly.  Container / Sea Freight is one of the largest expenses to any import / export business, therefore its highly recommended that you consider your freight forwarder wisely, to ensure that you are gaining the best available solutions.

This is where our expertise at Transways, in being able to take the complex and confusing shipping terminology regarding sea freight and make it simple for you to understand and allow you to easily follow pricing structures, gives your business a significant competitive edge.

“Free On Board” is one of the most common forms of shipping, it poses certain obligations on both the seller and the buyer. It’s vital that you understand your responsibility under FOB Terms. Allow one of our experienced team members to explain this to you by showing you what your responsibilities are and the associated costs.  We will ensure you are not paying for services that your supplier should.

Be it Less than Container Load “LCL” or Full Container Load “FCL” 20’ or 40’ container shipping or even larger projects where Break-bulk, Ro-Ro or Mafi shipments are required, Transways has many decades worth of experience in all shipment formats.  Allow us to tailor a quotation for your sea freight needs and see why so many clients have been with Transways for several decades or longer.

Auckland Project Logistic Services

Many companies have complex logistical needs to run their company efficiently.

This could involve supporting a sophisticated “Just in Time” inventory system or a warehousing facility where clients procure goods. Your business may require sophisticated quality assurance tracking in real time. Your logistics may need to cover OH&S issues, route planning, cost modelling, site modelling, feasibility studies and many more aspects to your business. Whatever the project logistics required and the sophisticated integration of overseas and local logistics, we can provide a solution that is efficient, reliable and timely.

Oversize freight, warehousing, building and mining projects are just some of the areas where we have a proven track record in project logistics, with numerous satisfied clients.  If you are a supplier to a large, listed company and need a trusted Project Logistics provider to ensure your goods and services are delivered in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner, then allow Transways to integrate into your business seamlessly to achieve the goals you and your client desire.

Our company size and structure allow us to be considerably more agile than many of our competitors, giving us the opportunity to allocate senior managers to projects, ensuring the highest level of service and attention during the duration of the project.

Our Services

Air freight

Transways Logistics International can fly your goods worldwide with our network of aviation operators.

Sea freight

We have extensive sea and cargo freight knowledge and experience of carriers and routes to achieve the right solutions.

Road Freight

Road freight delivery of your cargo that is cost effective, smooth and hassle free as possible.

Freight Forwarder

We can help you decide the best Freight Forwarding Service for your budget and deadlines.

Project Logistics

We can manage all aspects of your project, irrespective of the origin, destination, size or weight of the cargo.

Customs Brokerage

Our customs brokerage division handles all import and export shipments arriving to and leaving from Australia.

International Courier

Transways can expedite your international cargo providing a fast conveyance, and a traceable and economically viable service.

Domestic Courier

We can ship your document and non-document’s domestically, providing businesses with the fastest conveyance, traceable, and economically viable.