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Dear Clients,

As we all return from holidays, we now face the challenges being thrown at us by Omicron.

We are starting to not only see the impact locally here in AUSTRALIA, but also globally. Please read below a couple of key points on hand as of today.

  2. In the past 24hrs we have received numerous "DELAYED BOOKINGS" all due to COVID lockdowns in cities around China. Ningbo seems to be heavily impacted, with some shippers changing bookings to move via Shanghai as Ningbo face Government enforced lockdowns. Or simply delaying bookings for future weeks.

  4. Company shutdowns and road closures are already having an impact on the ability of manufacturers and companies in and around Beijing. With the potential of further lockdowns in the lead up to the Olympics and during. We are anticipating disruptions to continue and potentially grow.

  6. Since the New Year Public holiday earlier this week, 5 x local truckers / LCL warehouses have sent out letters advising of disruptions due to their workforce being impacted by COVID POSITIVE CASES or staff having to isolate.

    This was previously a major concern of industry, as we just had to look back in JULY / AUG to the UK, where significant disruptions to trucking commenced, due to a shortage of drivers.

    It was and still is taking anywhere from 1-3 x weeks to book in advance a Truck driver to move a container. If that occurs in Australia, the cost impact, and disruptions to supply chain will be un-imaginable.

Summary – Please expect delays on deliveries and LCL / AIR warehousing services. We ask that you remain patient as our team try and navigate the new challenges faced in 2022.

Kind regards,


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