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Dear Clients,

It’s with disappointment that we once again need to bring to your attention increases to Transport related costs (both FCL and LCL) effective 1st JAN 2022.

Increases are not only related to wharves increasing fees (once again), but also truckers adjusting to the pressures of salaries, fuel and insurance costs.  The list of fees that are either increasing nationally or by your local trucker are;

1. Booking Fees
2. Wharf Infrastructure Fee
3. Fuel Surcharges
4. General transport base rate
5. Tolls
6. LCL booking fees (timeslot fees).

Further to the above, DP WORLD is adding a “SIDELOADER ACCESS FEE” to various ports around Australia.  Sideloader Access fees are applied to deter importers / exporters from having their truckers send sideloader equipment into the terminal.
You may ask why, well its deemed that sideloaders cause terminals to be inefficient as greater time is required to load a container onto a sideloader and it also increases the risk of damage to transport equipment due to the design of these machines.

Each individual account will be contacted by either our State Manager or Account (sales) Manager to update your pricing.

We have endeavoured to keep increases to a minimum as we understand the pressure all importers and exporters are under, due to the significant cost of ocean freight.

Kind regards,


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