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Dear Clients,

The Department of Agriculture has implemented a mandatory processing penalty for the lodgement of late documents. At the same time they are rewarding importers who provide documents in advance (greater than 2 business days) of the vessel arrival.

All documents presented to the Department of Agriculture for Quarantine processing are now being assessed against the arrival date of the vessel on which the cargo is loaded. Where the documents are lodged less than 2 business days prior to the arrival of the vessel a mandatory 48 hour processing timeframe has been implemented. This will result in the Quarantine hold not being lifted by the time the vessel arrives. This may result in wharf storage and transport delays.

Where the Department of Agriculture receives documents for processing well in advance of the vessel arrival, they will reward importers with speedier processing (depending on staffing and workload). While their 48 hour processing service standard may still apply, they will endeavour to process early lodgements quickly where possible. We have found that this is currently occurring with some documents being processed in less than a day.

Transways encourages you to provide your import documents to us as soon as possible after vessel sailing from the port of origin, this should minimise any additional costs as a result of departmental processing delays.

Should you require any further information please contact your Transways Customs Service representative.

Kind regards,


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