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Dear Clients,

Please see the below summary of the current situation around Australia at terminals.


  • Patrick Terminal still has reduced work force due to 3 x confirmed COVID cases.
  • Good news – MUA has withdrawn industrial action due to the COVID cases.
  • VSL’S are berthing approx. 4 x days behind schedule @ PATRICK
  • DP World has some capacity available and will take sub-contracted work on
  • VICT Terminal is full and will not be taking any additional work at this stage


  • MUA has announced further industrial action in SYD, with various bans over the period 15th – 17th OCT which will impact productivity
  • VSL’S calling Patrick are on average 4-5 x delayed berthing.
  • DP Terminal has no short term additional capacity
  • Hutchinson Terminal has stated they don’t have availability in capacity to assist currently


  • Impact is minimal at this stage
  • Various action is upcoming this week, which may impact on services


  • Delays for VSL’S berthing is expected to be up to 7 x days
  • VSL bunching (all arriving same time) is a major issue for landside operations (truckers).
  • 2 x Ro/Ro VSL have by-passed Fremantle port due to the ongoing dispute @ QUBE and at the cost of the cargo owners have had their goods shipped and discharged in Adelaide.

    Cargo owners will now be responsible for trucking cargo back to Perth / Fremantle at huge expense.

As you can see, action around the country is ongoing and as lockdowns come to an end, we can only hope these industrial disputes can be resolved. If you would like to discuss further, please contact one of the team from Transways.

Kind regards,


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