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  • Lockdowns in Australia
  • 2020 Busiest Port is CLOSED
  • Factory Closures in VN

The worlds busiest port in 2020 has closed terminals servicing container ships due a worker testing positive. NINGBO port, which is pushing close to 30million TEU handling per year is the port impacted.

Its uncertain at this stage how long the closure will be for, but as we have seen previously when Shenzhen terminal shut down, the impact is felt for weeks to follow.

Other news coming from China is that Dalian port, where the workers are actually housed on site, has limited / reduced shifts down to as little as 6 x workers on the AM shift and 6 workers on the PM shift. The manpower is very low, considering China still relies heavily on man power over machinery to perform many functions.

Vietnam Factories remain closed due to the recent outbreak of Delta and supply chain flow is slowing due to this. This is going to place increased pressure on shipping once they resume as Vietnam makes many consumable goods shipped to Australia that traditionally are purchased over the summer and holiday period.

Not to mention the lockdowns in Australia, which we are all to well aware of and the impact on businesses and business confidence.

We shall keep you posted on further news in relation to the NINGBO situation as information comes to hand.

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