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Dear Clients,

On behalf of the board and staff of Transways Logistics International, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support in what has been a very challenging year for all.

2020 has thrown challenges at both personal and business levels for nearly everyone I have spoken to. Everyone has a storey about 2020. But it’s not just people and businesses that have suffered, if we look back to the summer of 2020 our nation was crippled by bush fires and then the world, by COVID. Who could ever had predicted the year that was 2020.

It’s been difficult, it’s been tiring, but on behalf of the team at Transways, THANK YOU. Thank you for your patience, thank you for your understanding when we couldn’t achieve a positive result and thank you for your assistance in resolving challenges that continue to present in the supply chain.

Many long term clients would know we like to extend a small thank you at this time of year, in appreciation for the business support. However, it was decided that in 2020 we would do it a little different. The Staff of Transways was asked to vote 3, 2, 1 for three separate charities and a donation would be made. I am pleased to share with you that Beyond Blue was voted on by the team at Transways.

We hope that you are not offended by the lack of appreciation directly given you to, in the form of a gift in 2020. I am sure many clients will agree that Beyond Blue would have played a massive role in supporting many individuals in 2020, some may even know someone whom has used the services. So in the view of the team @ Transways, it is a very worthy cause to receive financial support.

I know many of you are not closing and are working through in 2020 (other than the public holidays), due to the significant back log of freight in the supply chain. So rest assured the team at Transways will continue to work hard and do all we can to ease some of these pressures, where we can.

Finally, I take this final opportunity to wish you, your families and your staff, a very happy and safe holidays. 

We look forward to continuing the relationship with your business in 2021 and here’s hoping 2021 is far less challenging than 2020.

Kind regards
Ben Langshaw
Transways Logistics International
Australia and New Zealand

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