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Dear Clients,

As you are all well aware, currently the market conditions present numerous challenges. Space, equipment shortages at origin, wharf delays, vessel omissions and general demand at the busiest time of year.

The Team @ Transways is committed to continue to service you, to the high standards we pride ourselves on. To achieve this, we ask though, that you assist during these times by;

  1. Ensuring that correct and accurate "Customs Documents" are sent on time, ideally in 1 x email. Separate emails are challenging to manage, given the high email volume.
  2. As always, we ask for these documents 5 x working days in advance of the ETA.

  3. Phone calls about delays. We understand you are in urgent need of your cargo, but if we have received an updated VSL ETA and have passed that over electronically to you. Its likely very little can be achieved to change that.
  4. There is still significant disruptions to services calling Australia, caused by past Industrial action. Along with an average 2 – 3 x week roll over pools @ Transhipment hubs. So all cargo on transhipment services is expected to be delayed. Please consider this with your ordering and understand that it’s an industry wide situation, it’s not isolated.

    FYI, majority of phone calls to shipping lines are going un-answered. Some not returning emails. As everyone is screaming for information and assistance, but they are not able to keep up with the high volume of phone calls and emails currently.

  5. DELIVERY DATES – We anticipate the ability to fit into your delivery window will become increasingly difficult over the coming weeks. Each vessel calling port is full, so this is putting trucking companies under increased workloads.
  6. As always, we will endeavour to meet your requests, but it’s to be expected that some may not be able to be achievable, so we ask for as much flexibility as possible.

  7. Email reply time lines. You may be use to receiving prompt and fast replies from the Team @ Transways. We will continue to try and achieve this, but please do understand if we are a little slower than normal, it’s not that we have forgotten. It’s simply that the workload is being prioritised to ensure cargo continues to follow.
  8. Warehouse opening over Christmas / New Year. Please share with your local transways team member, the dates in which you will be closing over the period. We are hearing that many companies will work through this year, but please share with us your dates.

On behalf of the operational team at Transways, we thank you for your understanding on these matters and we assure you, we are here to get you your cargo ASAP.

Kind regards,

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