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Dear Clients,

Transways Logistics International has received "EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTING" news form DP WORLD management, they will be increasing their "INFRASTRUCTURE FEE" effective from 1st MAY (VIC / QLD) & 8th MAY (NSW).

Industry bodies, Government Ministers are all voicing major concerns over this latest increase during such economic hard times. Victorian Transport Association has described DP WORLD AUSTRALIA increase as "insensitive".

The amounts DP World will be charging Transport companies from MAY 2020 is below, please keep in mind that many operators (truckers) apply administrative costs to these and the final amount due, will vary from the below listed figures.

Sydney - $112.10 per cntr – Increasing NET by AUD21.10
Brisbane - $109.50 per cntr – Increasing NET by AUD20.50
Melbourne - $125.00 per cntr – Increasing NET by AUD27.00
Fremantle - $45.00 per cntr – No increase announced

Like Patricks Terminal, DP WORLD have decided to differentiate fee’s charged between Import and Export, with export fee’s being less than imports. This is after pressure from various angles (government, industry and public) and to assist exporters whom are facing significant challenges caused by ongoing drought, bushfires, flooding and coronavirus. Export Fee’s cost are below, but once again truckers are likely to apply administrative costs to these and the final amount due will vary.

Sydney - $79.50 per container
Brisbane - $79.50 per container
Melbourne - $79.50 per container
Fremantle - $45.00 per container

Transways Logistics International, will await our trucker’s confirmation on the final amounts due, before contacting you to review your pricing structure, effective from 1st MAY 2020

Kind regards,

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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