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Dear Clients,

Transways Logistics International has received communication from several industry bodies advising that International Ships calling ports into AUSTRALIA, will have the same 14 x day quarantine period applied (from time of departure) as per any individual returning to Australia that have departed China.

This is to be applied for ships departing China, from 1st FEB 2020.

What does this mean and will it affect my cargo.

To ensure the health and safety on Pilots, Quarantine Officers and wharf personal, any ship that departed China that has not been at sea for 14 x days, will be put to anchorage until 14 x days has passed and will then be given a revised window / berth to discharge cargo.

With the shortest transit times ex China around 11 – 12 x days into East Coast Australia, direct service ships will have an estimated delay of 2 – 3 days. It may be greater as berthing congestion may occur due to ship arrivals being outside the intended window, hopefully not though.

Should a ship be at sea greater than 14 x days, the current information is that they would be safe to dock on arrival. However Captains have a responsibility to report illness to the relevant authorities, which may then lead to potential delays, should they feel that there is a risk to the Australian public.

As further information comes to hand, Transways will share with you. If you wish to discuss any of these points, then please feel free to contact one of the team.

Kind regards,

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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