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Dear Clients,

The Department of Agriculture has published the following industry notice in relation to fee’s recovered for the processing of all import customs entries.

The increase amount will be;

AIR - $5
SEA - $7

This fee is collected on the customs entry under the title "OTHER CHARGES", which include the Boarder Force Fee + Department of Agriculture Fee. Please refer to the table below for the current (2019) amounts being collected vs the new (2020) amounts that will be collected from the 1st JAN 2020.




AIR Import under AUD10,000 value

$ 83.00

$ 88.00

AIR Import over AUD10,000 value

$ 185.00

$ 190.00




SEA Import under AUD10,000 value

$ 92.00

$ 99.00

SEA Import over AUD10,000 value

$ 194.00

$ 201.00

Please feel free to contact Transways Logistics International, should you have any questions in relation to this matter.

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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