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Dear Clients,

Further to our newsletter on 12th NOV 2019, in relation to increased wharf fees by DP WORLD, Australia wide.

We have now received advice that VICT Terminal in MELBOURNE, will be increasing their Wharf Fee to unprecedented levels as of 1st JAN 2020. 

The new rate is set at $121.80, however as with all wharf fee’s, the final amount billed to the end consumer will be higher, due to truckers adding on administration and financing fees.

Industry bodies continue to write to the Victorian Minister for Ports and Freight and are awaiting feedback. 

As parties directly impacted by these increases, we encourage you to raise these matters with your industry bodies and local government members. 

Transways unfortunately will have no option, other than to pass over these costs increases to your organisation, effective from 1st JAN 2020.

Final amounts will be confirmed in coming weeks.

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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