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Dear Clients,

Transways Logistics International has received the disappointing news, that DP WORLD AUSTRALIA will be joining HUTCHISON PORTS AUSTRALIA, in increasing infrastructure surcharges in SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE and FREMANTLE on 1st January 2020.

This notice to industry has been met with strong views from various industry and government bodies and co-in sighted with the release of the ACCC’S, 21st Container Stevedoring Monitoring report on 6th NOV 2019.

For those interested, you can read the report here;

Ongoing lobbying is occurring at many state and federal levels, trying to put an end to these frequent hikes in charges, which see minimal operational improvements and costs being passed down the logistics chain at inflated levels.

Transways Logistics International, through industry bodies support the need for a formal review and government action on these matters, as the cost increases in our view are having a negative impact on trade.

The increase amounts from 1st JAN 2020 that DP WORLD AUSTRALIA will be charging transport companies is below, please keep in mind that many operators (truckers) apply administrative costs to these and the final amount due, will vary from the below listed figures.

Further to the INFRASTRUCTURE SURCHARGE increases, DP WORLD will also be increasing, booking fee’s Australia wide by AUD5.50, no doubt truckers will be passing this increase on as well, likely at increased figures to allow for admin and other business expenses. Please do allow for this increase in your 2020 budgets.





Base Increase


$ 8.22

$ 45.00

$ 36.78


$ 65.15

$ 89.00

$ 23.85


$ 63.80

$ 91.00

$ 27.20


$ 85.30

$ 98.00

$ 12.70

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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