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RE: Importers / Exporters - Sydney Container Empty Yard Increase

Dear Clients,

Transways Logistics International wishes to bring to your attention the following industry announcement received this past month from various empty container parks.  

Further to recent industry announcements regarding the coming peak season period, there will be an increase to the Container Chain Fee in relation to the return of empty containers.

The additional increase through Container Chain will see an increase to current rates of;

AUD 25.00 per FCL for Empty returns / Monday to Friday    

This will support extended operating hours at empty container parks which will enable adequately serviced labour in depots for peak and seasonal volume fluctuations.

Unfortunately this is another example of 3rd party providers, increasing charges with minimal consideration or consultation with industry.  You may already be aware that there are various industry and government discussions ongoing, in relation to the continual increase of ancillary costs for importers and exporter alike.  We would recommend you discuss these with your local government representative as there seems no end in sight currently. The various empty container parks have been applied this fee ranging from 7th October 2019 - 21st October 2019, Transways Logistics International will apply from 1st November 2019. Please ensure you pass this communication onto your relevant accounts / operational staff.

Do not hesitate to contact one of the team at Transways Logistics International should you wish to discuss this matter further.

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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