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Dear Clients,

Attention - Importers / Exporters whom move cargo via BRISBANE PORT.

Transways Logistics International wishes to bring to your attention the following industry announcement received this past week.

It is once again a further cost increase to importers / exporters whom are already doing it tough and one that cannot be absorbed by either our contracted trucking providers or Transways.

The final charge from Truckers have not been received as yet, but once we receive this information we will update you accordingly.



Dear Container Transport Operator,

Further to recent industry announcements regarding the coming peak season period and following an extensive review of BPEP MT Container Park operations, BPEP Management has focussed on the needs of Container Transport Industry Operators (CTO’s), to have access to a greater capacity and flexibility of container pick up & de hire arrangements. To enable such a service, BPEP will enable broader operating windows and increased Container Chain timeslot access from September 16th 2019.  

As of this date, BPEP will deploy the additional labour, equipment and the increased opening hours required to adequately service the peak volume season surge period.  

A key step in improving flexibility for CTO’s is to enable 24/6 operations with the flexibility to mobilise seven (7) day operations without extended notice. BPEP will enable these opening hours effective 16th September 2019:  

Monday 0500hr - Saturday 0500hr // Saturday 0600hr - Sunday 1600hr  

This operating profile change, will enable CTO’s the opportunity to reduce their cost base by enabling direct MT Container Pick up & De hire, and thus the avoidance of "via depot" and other "downstream costs" experienced in previous peak volume season surge periods.

To facilitate this service window for our customers, BPEP wish to advise that it will be increasing its Container Chain Fee (CCF) for all MT Container collections and de-hires effective September 16th;

The revised charge will continue to be processed via the Container Chain booking system and will be covered under terms and conditions of the existing Carrier Access Agreement.   You can view and acknowledge the new CAA at

Kind Regards

BPEP Management


Please do not hesitate to contact one of the team at Transways Logistics International should you wish to discuss this matter further.

Please ensure to pass this communication onto your relevant accounts / operational staff.

Dion Williamson
NSW Branch Manager


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